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Bois 1920 - Verde di Mare

Bois 1920 - Verde di Mare

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Head Notes

Zitrische Notes, Bitter Orange (Petitgrain), Bergamot, Orange, Zitrische Notes, Galbanum, Pepper, Juniper (Gin Note)

Heart Notes

Aquatic Notes, Rose, Damascene Rose, Geranium, Lily Of The Valley, Cassis, Tea, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Clove

Base Notes

Woody Notes, Rock Rose (Labdanum), Vanilla, Tea, Musk, Amber Rating

Bois 1920 - Verde di Mare

Verde di Mare is an aromatic aquatic fragrance designed to set your mind wandering across a calm and peaceful sea.

Made up of blue and green notes that vie for your attention, this is a fragrance that pays tribute to the clear turquoise sea buried deep within the wearer's imagination or dreams. You know, the one we all drift off to when we relax and allow our minds to wander...

The topnotes unfurl on the skin in a fine sea mist of citrus and black pepper. A rush of coolness that is most welcome on a hot day.

The heart bears witness to our yearning for some faraway and unobstructed horizon. Aquatic notes, cool green leaves, spices, and crushed rose petals are piquant and energizing notes that move our mind along towards that distant point in our minds' eye.

In the final hours of the fragrance, we become aware of a beautiful, almost sandy dry down that plays out with creamy woods, vanilla, and powdery white musk. In these final moments, therefore, the scent delivers us from the sea and onto dry land, where we stretch out and bask in the warmth of the late afternoon sun on the golden sand.

This is not a fragrance; it is a travelogue.

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