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Bois 1920 - ORO 1920

Bois 1920 - ORO 1920

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Head Notes

Raspberry, Ginger, Incense, Balsam Fir

Heart Notes

Rose (Centifolia), Iris, Guaiac Wood, Opopinax, Osmanthus

Base Notes

Benzoin, Leather, Vanilla, Beeswax, Tobacco

Bois 1920 - ORO 1920

Bois 1920 Oro 1920 is an outstanding masculine that will be warming our bones once the weather turns chilly. Featuring a tandem of rich, smoky leather and resinous tobacco leaf, the scent bounces a gorgeously fruity raspberry note on top that dances against the darker base like a ray of light. This tiny note of freshness effectively delineates for us the dulcet depth of the resins, leather, and smoky leather, separating it from the lively, light-filled top note of freshly cut ginger root and fruit. A divinely rich and boozy osmanthus illuminates the leather from within, while opoponax adds a soapy, herbal dimension to the base. Handsome, charismatic, and above all, self-confident, Oro 1920 is the scent to wear when you set about dominating the world on your terms.

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