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Bois 1920 - Cannabis Collection - Cannabis Fruttata

Bois 1920 - Cannabis Collection - Cannabis Fruttata

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Head Notes

Herbs, Rosemary, Figs

Heart Notes

Cannabis, Blueberry, Lily Of The Valley

Base Notes

Patchouli, Amber Note, Cedarwood

Bois 1920 - Cannabis Collection - Cannabis

CANNABIS FRUTTATA represents an extraordinary olfactory still life that is unparalleled: The aromatic spice of fresh herbs combines with the metallic-bitter green of the hemp blossoms, framed by fig leaves and contrasted by delicious ripe blueberries. The fruity-green creation is rounded off by concise cedarwood, warming ambergris and earthy-powdery patchouli.


Surprising, fascinating, seductive - the cannabis collection from BOIS 1920. An olfactory homage to a select plant, dedicated to all those perfumistas who love to be inspired by unique scent experiences.

For thousands of years, it has been cultivated worldwide as a useful, medicinal and ornamental plant - hemp. There is almost nothing that cannot be made of it, it nourishes and clothes humans and animals. And he can intoxicate and heal, that was already known in antiquity. The flower children's favourite intoxicant has only been subject to the prohibition for a little more than a hundred years - a controversial ban today, especially as recent research points to a not inconsiderable healing potential.

The Cannabis Collection pays tribute to that infamous plant genus, which has been both revered and condemned, and which has therefore always had a reputation for wickedness. And is dedicated to the free spirits among fragrance lovers who are looking for something special and do not want to be restricted by conventions. Provocatively different - the Cannabis Collection.

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