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Bogue Profumo - MAAI

Bogue Profumo - MAAI

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Head Notes

Safran, Birch, Mugwort

Heart Notes

Whiskey, Pepper, Flowers

Base Notes

Ambra Note, Vanilla, Musk, Woody Notes

Bogue Profumo - MAAI

MAAI is a fragrance out of time - past and present are melted. A warm chypre with classic aldehydes, green tuberose and an animalic soul.

The name MAAI comes from the Kendo martial arts and consists of Ma (space) and Ai (harmony) - which means being in harmony with the space around us and creating a connection between the movement, the target and the space in which it takes place.

MAAI is a spiritual condition, translated into fragrance - a cornucopia with animalic flower petals such as tuberose, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang - it is full of energy. A reflection, a shadow... the fragrance has its own inpredictible way and develops on our skin over the hours - from soft to harsh, tender to rough, just like nature itself.

The animalic soul of MAAI results from a perfect mixture of civet, castoreum, and hyraceum with dry fruits, musk and sandalwood in the depths. Its complexity can be compared with the spirit of a Samurai or a cloud of white incense on a rainy autumn day.

Only small amounts of MAAI are produced, and only the best natural ingredients are used, while the fragrance is created only by the hands of its creator, Antonio Gardoni.

Notes: Tuberose, Rose, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Civet, Castoreum, Hyraceum, dry fruits, Sandalwood, Oakmoss.

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