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Acqua di Portofino - Faro

Acqua di Portofino - Faro

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Head Notes

Grapefruit, Bergamot, Zitrische Notes, Ginger

Heart Notes

Magnolia, Aquatic Notes

Base Notes

Musk, Amber Note, Patchouli

Acqua di Portofino - Faro - EdT

Let Summer never be ending!

Portofino charms not only with its picturesque and idyllic location right on the Mediterranean sea but with its rows of ice-cream coloured houses all seemingly piled one on top of the other, like a lopsided Neapolitan slice. At sunset, when the sun sets in the Gulf of Rapallo, this lovely seascape is lit up and bathed in rose gold light. As the dusk deepens, the dark sky is illuminated by the gentle flashes of light emanating from a local lighthouse known as Faro, and it's this that has inspired Acqua di Portofino to make Faro, its latest scent.

Faro is a lively, light-filled explosion of bright, sour citrus fruit, warmed by the hot, spicy breath of ginger root, giving it a little kick in its heels. The freshness of the citrus groves and vines in Portofino are well-represented in the heart - once the electric citrus notes subside in brightness, we notice a supple green olive undertone, joined by the honeyed flowers of the magnolia tree.

These subtly woody, floral, and savoury notes are freshened by a sea breeze from the Mediterranean sea, the aquatic notes lending the scent an ozonic lift that will invigorate the wearer. A warm, salty amber and musk combination renders the base sensual and skin-like, like nestling into the shoulder of someone who's just come in off the sea. Vigorous, bright, and yet muskily sensual, Acqua di Portofino's Faro is a great aromatic citrus scent for summer or any time, in fact, that your mood needs the sunshiney mood lift of the Portofino experience.

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