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A Lab On Fire - Hossegor

A Lab On Fire - Hossegor

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Head Notes

Juniper (Gin Note), Mastic, Pepper, Salt

Heart Notes

Clary Sage, Iris, Incense, Sunny Notes

Base Notes

Clary Sage, Iris, Incense, Sunny Notes

A Lab On Fire - Hossegor

Developed for A Lab On Fire by perfumer Mackenzie Reilly, Hossegor conjures up the wet and stormy atmosphere of wild woods battered by the fierce winds and sea spray of a nearby ocean. An introspective, soulful, and somewhat moody scent, Hossegar was born of one of Mackenzie's own memories experienced while on one of her many journeys abroad. Specifically, as she notes, Hossegar "was developed around the smell of water, notably while surfing in Indonesia. The concept of wet woods, sea salt, mineral notes, rocky seaside cliffs, ocean evaporating on skin, and the elusive scent of ambergris. The scent is clean, fresh, elemental, and mineral, while also being a true sensual skin-scent. A key note for the green top is Mastic, resin from a Mediterranean tree, which grows by the sea in rocky, saline environments."

Therefore, although the original inspiration came from a far-off Indonesian sea, in reality, the scent is more firmly rooted in the macquis of the Mediterranean basin, specifically the area around Hossegar in France. Its salty oceanic notes are given a wet, green herbal tanginess by the scent of warm hillside herbs such as mastic. Black pepper and juniper spikes the structure with a peppery freshness. These herbs and spices give the scent an aromatic depth that fleshes out the sparkling topnotes of brine and sea spray, meaning that the fresh thrill of the scent's opening lasts all the way down to the basenotes.

The minerality of the basenotes are in turn lifted by a haunting accord in the heart, seemingly constructed with powdery orris root, a sooty frankincense, and a surprising shot of sun-tanned beach flowers. However, the scent retains its aromatic, broodingly masculine character throughout. This is a new breed of masculine fragrances - introspective and soulful while also sparkling clean; aromatic and long-lasting without losing its essential naturalness of feel.

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