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Zoologist – Bee


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Zoologist – Bee


Head Notes

Orange, Ginger Syrup, Royal Jelly Accord

Heart Notes
Broom, Heliotrope, Mimosa, Orange Flower

Base Notes

Benzoin, Labdanum, Musks, Sandalwood, Tonka, Vanilla


Zoologist – Bee

The spring day seems still and peaceful. Yet beneath the wildly splattered canvas of a blossom-strewn meadow, thousands engage in a desperate race for survival. Worker bees toil at a frantic pace, ferrying a precious cargo of nectar and pollen to deposit it within cramped honeycomb cells, where it will nurture drones and larvae under the eye of a regal queen. In the claustrophobic hive, a deafening buzz offers evidence of the bees’ devotion to duty, not a single worker pausing to question its role in perpetual grind of life in the queendom.

Like the frantic hustle of the bee through a maze of multi-faceted scents, Zoologist Bee delivers a surreal experience. The rich aroma of honey captivates, while alluring florals, royal jelly, animalic beeswax and regal incense unite to create a buzz, offering excitement, and the sweet rewards of life.



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