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Vilhelm Parfumerie – 125th & Bloom – 100ml


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Vilhelm Parfumerie – 125th & Bloom

Head Notes

Ambrette (Angelika Seeds), Saffron

Heart Notes

Violets, Damascene Rose

Base Notes

Woody Notes, Suede


Vilhelm Parfumerie – 125th & Bloom

Inspired by the hidden, fragrant blossoms of the founder’s neighborhood in Harlem, 125th & Bloom is a tribute to beautiful things that spring up in the most unwelcoming of places. Violets and roses push up between the cracks in the concrete, vigorously determined to show their faces to the sun and for their voices to be heard. At first, we can smell the gentle, airy spice of saffron and roses, then a wet, blooming violet climbing up behind, and finally, in the base, gaining enormous power and volume by way of dark ebony woods and leather. Flower power from the big city jungle!


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