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Tauer Perfumes – L’Air des Alpes Suisses


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Head Notes


Lavender, Sage, Zitrische Notes, Bergamot

Heart Notes


Grass, Anise, Mint

Base Notes


Vanilla, Amber, Heliotrope, Sandalwood


Tauer Perfumes – L’Air des Alpes Suisses

Andy Tauer’s hommage to Switzerland to the beauty of the Swiss mountains.


“When I find the time I love to hike in the mountains. Starting in the valley, with its lush green meadows, the dark fir forests with the perfume of warm amber. L’AIR DES ALPES SUISSES is inspired by these moments – green, fresh and ambery. It is a perfume that evokes my memories of wonderful days in the Alps.” – Andy Tauer

The higher you hike, the more you wander to open space, with wildflowers blooming in a short mountain summer. The herbaceous, spicy perfume of the alpine grassland, with hints of lily and orchids, mixes with the fresh breeze from the rough mountain summits.

L’Air des Alpes Suisses is an invitation to explore this wonderful scenery.


The perfume builds on the highest quality ingredients. Various accords play with the theme of hiking from the valley with its little villages up to the land of ice and snow: Starting with a fresh breeze from treeless mountain summits: rough granite ground, the cool air from the glacier, and bitter alpine herbs. In the heart, floral delicacies – such as the red Alpine lily – bloom on lush meadows creating a green powdery chord that perfectly balances a spicey green orchestra with notes of wild thyme and basil, rosewood, nutmeg, mountain lavender and a dash of lemon balm. The body notes are constructed on base notes of ambergris, tonka bean, fir tree and dried needles. The woody warmth of timber, larch and beech, with the sweet amber perfume of dry earth in the sun creates an olfactive atmosphere that reminds of the richness of the Alpine forests – majestic, invigorating and thoroughly soothing.


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