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Serge Lutens – L’Eau Froide

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Serge Lutens – L’Eau Froide

After the very successful “L’Eau Serge Lutens” launched in 2010 as “anti-perfume”, L’Eau Froide (“cold water”) is the second “eau ” by Serge Lutens now. While “L’Eau Serge Lutens” exuded a pleasant white breeze of clean, fresh linen, L’Eau Froide is a different kind of “eau”: The fragrance wants to be cold, as cold as it was fresh glacier water – and that’s exactly how it feels when you apply it to the skin for the first time. And even long after the dry-down remains a mysterious touch of coolness… But first things first! For between the first application and the cool and mysterious finale happens so much more. The creator of the perfume Serge Lutens describes it this way: “After the initial shock of cold, which awakens the skin, L’Eau Froide proceeds to combine with the air and wrap around the wearer, like a flowing robe that protects the body from impurity”. This sensual experience is brought to us by the big “players” of this fragrance, which include strong mint, musk, woody and dry cedarwood and vetiver notes in the base note.

However, the cold impression of the fragrance is mainly due to one component: incense! Or, to be precise: Somalian Frankincense from the Boswellia sacra – a tree which occurs mainly in the peripheral zones of deserts, growing under extreme conditions: Little rain, prolonged drought, scorching heat … So it is almost ironic that it is just the resin of this incense tree which gives L’Eau Froide its wonderfully deep coldness and vibrant freshness. L’Eau Froide is once again an audacious composition by the legendary perfumery non-conformist Serge Lutens, breathing breezy coldness and transpiring crystal clear water. If you´re more a polar bear than a desert fox in your heart, you will definitely love this fragrance!


Somali frankincense, Musk, Mint, Cedarwood, Vetiver


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