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Royal Crown – Tenebra

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Royal Crown – Tenebra


Head Notes

 Tuberose, nutmeg, cardamom, heliotrope

Heart Notes

Tuberose, honey, narcisse, canapa flower, iris Fiorentina, absolute jasmin

Base Notes

Absolute tuberose, labdanum, absolute tobacco, absolute vanilla calamus, grey amber, oud – sandal Mysore, ebony wood


This scent incarnates seduction in the purest state; vanilla absolute to prolong the voluptuosus notes of iris and labdanum whose warmth underlines the carnal aspect of tuberose.
Its exeptional erotic alchemy is created by a rich blend of hypnotic flowers, exotic woods with tobacco absolute and Grey amber, warmed by honey for a mysterious, dark, Haute Couture dress.
Tenebra its a tuberose that shakes you inside a white iridescent floral aroma that one would call dark ghostly a scent that possesses an almost unreal aura; more intoxicating than fragrant.
Flower of sin, a carnal and disturbing wake; in the Renaissance to the young girls were forbidden to smell its narcotic perfume as to do not make them “fall into temptation”.
A similar ban was also applied in India – where its name, ki rani, means “seductrees of the night” , because it was believed that the scent could make one fall into an oblivion of sentimentality from which it was impossible to escape.
Tenebra exercises his bewitching charm to the opposite sex as it does in nature with pollinating insects that are pleasantly stunned by its scent.
A fragrance from the alcove, a powerful weapon of seduction. Tenebra must be worn in the evening when its odorous molecules enters in resonance with the darkness and the mysteries of the night, releasing its inebriant scent seductive and diabolic.
A carnal and opulent fragrance, reminiscent of the smell of a warm and sensual skin, hypnotic and dark at the same time, but with a surprising modernity.
The aroma kidnaps in the seductive tuberose’s note that reigns supreme in all its structure.
Quintessence of elegance and female luxury, a perfect scent, a myth, Tenebra plays like an enigmatic woman who loves to be sexy and provoke others.
A symbol of hidden femininity, this fragrance becomes the emblem of the modern woman who has great charm and is imbued with a multi-faceted femininity.
The ultimate seduction; as precious as a vintage jewel.


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