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Puredistance – Gold

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Head Notes

Mandarin, Bergamot, Pepper, Rosemary, Clove

Heart Notes

Jasmin, Cistus (Labdanum), Geranium, Cinnamon

Base Notes

Benzoin, Benzoin, Myrrh, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Castoreum, Vetiver

Puredistance – Gold

A rich and harmonious fusion of gold tones – Mesmerizing. Uplifting. Captivating.

After the beautiful BLACK and WHITE, Master Perfumer Antoine Lie has created GOLD to finish a trilogy showcasing the 3 signature Puredistance colours, using only the finest ingredients. The visual inspiration for GOLD has been our ?Golden Mondriaan’: a palette of mainly golden colours created to illustrate the timeless concept of chic gold that naturally harmonizes with its surrounding. Elegant shades of gold – varying in intensity and warmth – are harmoniously laid out in a well-balanced pattern.


GOLD opens its rich bouquet with spicy freshness. Sun-drenched citrus aromas combine with the fruity pungency of pink pepper. An exciting, powdery aromatic cocktail of rosemary and clove buds reveals the richness and fullness of this fragrance and leads harmoniously to the heart of the composition. A passionate floral chord of jasmine absolute, cistus rose and geranium is pulsating here. Balsamic. Warm. Enveloping. A hint of cinnamon, like a breeze of gold dust, displaces the herbaceous-green sounds of the flowers and instead emphasises their intense, spicy-floral character. Sensual, soothing and caramel-like, the basis of the composition delights us. Melting resins, tarry, smoky and warm, lend GOLD an indescribably captivating depth, while tonka bean and vanilla provide an irresistible, smooth enveloping gourmand note. Attractive, stimulating and inconceivably sensual, GOLD is inextricably linked to your skin. Styrax, Castoreum, Vetiver and patchouli ensure this. Aromas and scents which, with their earthy, woody-sweet and animal-musky aura, evoke the aphrodisiac effect that gold has on us.


This is the fifth perfume Antoine Lie has made for Puredistance and just like his other creations, GOLD exactly matches the feeling Jan Ewoud Vos had in mind. The founder of Puredistance has given Antoine carte blanche to use the very best ingredients and so he did. This perfume extrait (36% perfume oil) is a veritable feast of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients.

“I asked Antoine ?to create GOLD and what’s more – to make ?

a statement. A statement of fine ingredients. ? To show once more that Puredistance only uses the best raw materials and never compromises. A statement we feel like making in a world with more and more empty claims about quality, passion and exclusivity.”

– Jan Ewoud Vos, Founder of Puredistance


The combination of the highest quality raw materials and a perfume oil percentage of 36% will ensure a rich and long lasting sensorial experience.


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