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Pierre Guillaume Paris – Spicematic

Fresh and elegant, Pierre Guillaume’s “marble water” Spicematic makes its appearance – and brings its very own tone to the 11 series‘ fragrances! Spicematic is reminiscent of the cool, silky-smooth feel of a perfectly crafted marble statue. It stands for dynamic freshness and clear lustre, created by the artful interplay of spicy aromatic saffron, sparkling ginger and green mint. The precise molecular distillation of frankincense unfolds in direct succession as the mineral-cold, elegant character of the fragrance, to which it owes its designation as “marble water”. It is the organic vibrancy of the red cedar that contrasts this clear, cool note in combination with the resinous warmth of the Siberian pine, and brings Spicematic’s overall appearance to perfection. As the third element of his 11 fragrance series, Pierre Guillaume Paris presents Spicematic as fragrance 11.2, after 11.0 Harmatan Noir and 11.1 Indian Wood. Like its predecessors, Spicematic is characterized by its very own composition of spicy, aromatic and woody notes, presented in a timeless, clear bottle.


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