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Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Line – Arancia di Sicilia

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Heart Notes


Almond, Cinnamon

Base Notes


Cistus (Labdanum), Coffee, Iris, Musk, Amber


Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Line – Arancia die Sicilia

Perris Monte Carlo’s journey to Italy’s most extraordinary fragrances continues with the Sicilian blood orange variety Sanguinello.

Arancia di Sicilia is an addictive, sparkling eau de parfum that combines the invigorating, aromatic energy of blood orange with the sweet treasures of Sicily. The heart of the fragrance is refined with delicious and irresistible almonds, vanilla and cinnamon, while the base note unfolds creamy musk and sensual amber, melting the fragrance with your skin. The unique aroma of coffee enriches the composition, whereby Arancia di Sicilia in its entirety celebrates the sun-drenched aromas of Sicily and evokes the atmosphere of the Sicilian morning; the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice invigorates and refreshes us while the unmistakable aroma of roasted coffee fills the already warm morning air and merges wonderfully with the delicate sweetness of the seductive almond delicacies…SPLENDIDO!


In perfumery, the essential oil of bitter orange has a higher value than that of more common, sweeter varieties. The fruits grown on the slopes of Mount Etna are characterised by intense red colour and a complex, aromatic sweetness. They produce a very special, outstanding oil. Since 1880 Capua has been the home of the company Capua 1880. The family business is known as the ultimate producer of essential citrus oils. In Capua, with the help of two extraction methods, the pure essence of this sweet orange is brought to life. First, the brown-coloured essential oil is extracted from the skin without coming into contact with the fruit juice. The second extraction method takes place towards the end of the growing season. The whole fruit is put into a press. The oil from the peel is mixed with the juice. A special extractor is used to separate the juice from the slurry. At the end of the process, a centrifuge separates the oil from the juice. After this complex process, the two very different essential oils are used in our new masterpiece Perris Monte Carlo Arancia di Sicilia.

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