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Penhaligon’s – Portraits Collection – The Blazing Mister Sam


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Vanilla, Patchouli, Tobacco, Cedar


Penhaligon’s – Portraits Collection – The Blazing Mister Sam

An American in London.

A foreign guest causes much excitement in Lord George’s house. He’s a guest alright, but his boisterous loudness is heard from each corner of the sprawling mansion, completely uninhibited by any social mores or convention. Countess Dorothy even swears she heard him say the F-word once! But the family seems to have set aside etiquette for the moment because they’re all enjoying the company of this blazing Mister Sam. In fact, his presence is deeply captivating – a little rude, yes, but ultimately so full of joie de vivre that it’s hard not to smile at him. He’s set his cap at the blushing granddaughter of Countess Dorothy, little Rose.

Caught between the spicy, wild loudness of the arriviste Mister Sam and the cool, calm demeanour of the unimpressed dowager Dorothy, la petite Rose trembles and wavers. The rugged warmth of tobacco and the excitement of the fierce, leathery saffron calls out to every single cell in her body that’s ever wanted to break free, while the austere woodiness of the cedar holds her firm. Rose is the soft centre of it all, a warm and floaty vanilla that hovers like a dream, caught between a rock and a hard place.


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