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Penhaligon’s – Portraits Collection – Changing Constance

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Cardamom, Allspice

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Base Notes


Cash Merano, Tobacco, Vanilla


Penhaligon’s – Portraits Collection – Changing Constance

Changing Constance is named for the daughter of Lord George, the unconventional and daring Lady Constance! Sister to Lady Blanche, Constance defies her name by being not terribly constant but instead changeable and temperamental, not to mention a bit wild. A firebrand and a feminist, Lady Constance looks down on her sister for her conventional family lifestyle and aristocratic laziness, espousing instead an active life, dedicated to furthering the social causes most dear to her heart. She’s a fierce supporter of women’s rights, from the right to work to the right to wear the trousers in a relationship.

CHANGING CONSTANCE Eau de Parfum has been artfully designed to reflect this dashing, modern character. Opening with spicy masculine notes of pimento and cardamom, a hot and cold duo that causes as much uproar as Lady Constance herself gate crashing a polite London soiree. But soon, the scent reveals a heart buttery with salted caramel and rich in flowers and woods, creating a childlike softness that mirrors the contradictions of Lady Constance herself. A resinous tobacco leaf accent in the base lends the perfume a handsome touch, like twill trousers worn under Lady Constance’s silk ballgown, a daub of something daringly macho under all the softness. A wisp of cigar smoke finishes it all off, wafting from the fat Turkish cigars she smokes, smuggled in from the Orient to the great dismay of her ladylike sister, Blanche.


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