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Parfums de Marly – Carlisle


  • 125ml
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Head Notes


Apple, Nutmeg

Heart Notes


Tonka Bean, Osmanthus, Mugwort, Rose

Base Notes


Vanilla, Patchouli, Opopinax


Parfum de Marly – Carlisle

With Carlisle, the young perfumer Quentin Bisch, who has already wowed the world with his update on Angel, the wonderful and unusual Angel Muse, has succeeded in composing a fruity floral with an extraordinarily high IQ that can be worn by both girls and grown women. After a touching opening volley of crisp green apple and nutmeg, which makes us think of an ice cold apple martini with a side of warm apple pie, the fragrance dovetails into a jammy, boozy floral heart that will have you swooning with pleasure and delight – brimming with apricot-like osmanthus, a juicy red rose jam, and a rich fruity davana that smells like dark rum and green, sharp herbs. Softened and cosseted by a spicy, vanillic accord of tonka bean, vanilla, and opoponax, the scent develops a pleasantly dark, almost chocolate aroma and a rich, powdery-balsamic tonality.


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