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Parfums de Marly – Athalia


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Head Notes

Frankincense, Rose, Bitter Orange (Petitgrain)

Heart Notes

Iris, Suede, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Cash Merano

Base Notes

Amber, Vanilla, Vetiver

Parfum de Marly – Athalia

With Athalia, Parfums de Marly pay tribute once again to the noblest of creatures – the horse. But this time, the horse in question is the elegant and classy thoroughbred in all its majesty and fine-boned splendor. Like a finely woven veil of luminous white flowers, Athalia casts a radiant glow as bright as Pegasus is depicted to have been in paintings and drawings. The scent displays an interesting duality that flits between the delicately feminine and the lusty, full-throated energy of pure youth. The supernatural brilliance of these winged messengers from heaven manifests itself in a blur of bright white musk, while a spray of orange blossom carries the power of the freshly awakened Spring itself. The fresh, light aura contributed by a somber iris is contrasted very thoughtfully with a touch of smooth, dark amber, bringing a play of light and dark to the composition.

Athalia shimmers in a mirage of light, femininity, and grace.


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