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Olfactive Studio – Collection Sepia – Vanilla Shot


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Head Notes


Coriander, Saffron, Aldehydes

Heart Notes


Rose, Dried Fruit, Opopinax

Base Notes


Vanilla, Caramel, Cistus (Labdanum), Benzoin


Olfactive Studio – Collection Sepia – Vanilla Shot

Deeply exotic and sensual, Vanilla Shot takes a very unusual route towards the dark vanilla bean in the base. The opening feels almost classical, with the peach skin effervescence of aldehydes causing the saffron to glow and sparkle like diamond dust, and the herby coriander lending a nicely 1970’s rigor.

We linger in the heart after this bracing, lifting start; it is warmly rosy and thick with dried fruits and resins, which brings a souk-like exoticism to the perfume. The spices and florals melt away into the dark, caramelized vanilla bean accord in the base, like a brown sugar crust giving way to a crème brulee. Sensuous, different, and exotic, this is a vanilla like no other. Cushioned by powdery benzoin and a treacly labdanum, the vanilla purrs like a Persian kitten.


Fragrance Note

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