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Nobile 1942 – Rudis

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Head Notes


Bergamot, Dried Fruit, Fruity Notes, Grapes

Heart Notes


Rose, Geranium, Clove, Saffron, Cedarwood

Base Notes


Leather, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk, Incense


Nobile 1942 – Rudis – EdP

Rudis is the first part of a paradigm shift in the history of Nobile 1942 – a new direction, towards strong, intense and opulent scents – created by the Newcomer of the Year: Antonio Alessandria. The first fragrance of this collection is dedicated to a special characteristic: strength. “Rudis” was the wooden sword that was used in ancient Rome of gladiators during their training. It was designed in wood and for training purposes and should not cause any injuries. However, “Rudis” was also the symbol of freedom and courage. The sword was a gift that a gladiator got, when he got rid of his status as a slave – as a reward for the bravery he had shown during the battles. “Rudis” is the beginning of “Gladiator career”, as well as for the ultimate goal: freedom.

The Fragrances:

The scent “Rudis” has made ??no less nose than the exceptional talent Antonio Alessandria for Nobile 1942. He was inspired by Rudis, the wooden sword, and the fragrance wants to demonstrate the values ??of strength and gentleness, of struggle and freedom, of life and death, of masculinity and weakness in its dialectic. The fear of the Gladiator on the way to the arena is described with the vinous notes of marc and dry fruits, the Gladiator is trying to drink himself into courage – full of virility he fought his inner fears and grabs his Rudis – ready for battle. Antonio Alessandria pictured the wooden sword by rose and Geranium and cedarwood. The scent of the leather of his armor gives him courage as he enters the arena. His presence takes space in the arena, as well as the strong notes of patchouli, vetiver and incense.

The Flacon:

The packaging is a classic Italian. Nobile 1942 has designed these in collaboration with renowned Italian artisans: The charm of Florentine leather, as well as its characteristic odor and its history seduces us… Of course manufactured by hand in technical practice. The logo of Nobile 1942 is stamped into the waxy red of the leather.


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