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Memo Paris – Art Land – Winter Palace


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Head Notes

Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Heart Notes

Tuberose, Iris

Base Notes

Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

Memo Paris – Art Land – Winter Palace

A fragrance full of contrasts – as sweet as summer, as spicy as winter. Fire and ice in one beautifully-presented package.


The end of winter has come. The Imperial Dragon awakens from his long hibernation. Spreading his wings a little tentatively at first, testing the air, but soon the longing for freedom and the breathtaking landscape of China awaken his fire. His eyes shoot fire. He gets up. His breath shimmers in the frozen air like a mirage. The heat in him swells, the atmosphere changes. Suddenly the snow stops. Where does he want to go? From afar, one can see its flight path tracing the curves of the famous Great Wall of China that stretches across the hilly landscape. The dragon is dancing with joy, drunk with the feeling of freedom.


Winter Palace takes you into the realm of the dragon. An exciting fragrance that plays with contrasts, it brings to life the fiery contrasts of China’s breathtaking landscape. Precious orange oil, bergamot and the sweet aromas of red tea rise and mingle like hot steam in the cold morning air. It is a heady, invigorating start. The scent of mate and grapefruit reminds us of the ease of an everlasting summer. Drunk on the feeling of freedom! Soon, the bright citrus notes give way and the woody-spicy character of the fragrance comes to the fore. Amber and vanilla combine in the base for a sensual, spiced warmth that lingers on the skin like the aftermath of love.


The classic gold-black bottle tells the story of the majestic Dragon King. The blue accents sparkle with the icy fire of his eyes. A minimalist yet intense, bold aesthetic.


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