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Mazzolari – Le Rose


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Mazzolari – Le Rose

Le Rose is an arrangement of italian airiness. It arouses perfumes oft he past into a modern world, in which roses seem to be more sleazy, but, at the same time, leave a persistent mark.

The Fragrance

In the floral head dominates proud rose, which already in ancient greece has been called “queen of flowers”. The presious essence of roses is one of the most valuable resource of flavours in the world. The essential oil of white sandal wood gives power to the balmy and sweet heart and is loved by women, who have found their own style and who are not influenced by short-dated trends. In the base, woody musk has an harmonizing effect to this mélange of noble essences. Musk is said to have an aphrodisiacal

The Flacon

The transparent and glassy flacon stands out due to ist puristic design. Simply the label and the name of the fragrance was stamped on the flacon, which evokes a minimalistic elegance, so that the focus is on the masterpiece in the flacon. The noble cardboard packaging is encased with smooth, red velvet and has got the emblem of Mazzolari in golden letters on it.


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