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Masque Fragranze – Love Kills

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Head Notes

Rose, Turkish

Heart Notes

Patchouli, Geranium, Turkish Rose

Base Notes

Cedar, Musk, Amber Rating

Masque Fragranze – Act III-III – Love Kills

With LOVE KILLS, Masque Milano presents a captivating rose fragrance. Pure. Exquisite. Unpretentious.

A soliflore that plays with the incredible complexity of the rose and captures it in its blooming totality. LOVE KILLS is the third and final scene in the plot of Masque Milano’s anticipatory love oper and deals with passion and transience – themes that the rose symbolizes like no other flower.

Delicate, gentle, slightly spicy, the fragrance opens with the exquisite oil of the Turkish Rose, whose natural, unadulterated aura is vividly emphasized by the use of Geranium. A chord from the absolute of ambergris and rose oxide melts the fragrance sensually with the skin and lets the rose shine in the sign of passion without slipping into kitschy romance. This is ensured by a drydown of earthy, woody patchouli, which this time unites with the absolute of the Turkish rose. While at the beginning the rose presented itself hopeful, fresh from the garden and of juicy green beauty, it now appears – surrounded by dark cedar wood and animal musk – more complex, mature and at the same time more sober. Her beauty and grace are still present, but it seems as if she has burned herself at a too passionate love and all that is left of her is a last ember that tragically yet beautifully reminds her and sings of an incomparable romance…

However, LOVE KILLS is not a tragic fragrance. The subtle, green freshness of this rose fragrance seems to revive itself again and again; even before the last spark of passion seems to have died out, the beauty of this flower rises from the ashes and changes atmospherically from the youthful, rose-bright facets of the rose to the slightly faded, dark red notes of its fragrance. “Tonight she is Imogen. . . and tomorrow night she will be Julia”, is a quote from the creators, who thus refer to Shakespeare and in the same breath to King Cymbeline’s “most tender and artless” daughter – the immortal heroine of literature.


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