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Masque Fragranze – Kintsugi



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Head Notes


Bergamot, Magnolia, Amber

Heart Notes


Suede, Rose, May, Violets

Base Notes


Benzoin, Raspberry, Patchouli, Vanilla


Masque Fragranze – Act II-IV – Kintsugi

With the support of perfume expert and perfume historian Ermano Picco, Masque Milano’s creative team succeeds in reinterpreting the classic chypre accord. Its intense charm derives partly from its clever use of a salty, tart amber material in the place of the traditional – but now sadly restricted – oakmoss. A chypre with a vibrant, modern twist, it evokes the old world tenor of a real chypre but carves out a modern, unfussy interpretation that will appeal to current tastes.


Each of the perfumes by Masque Milano is brought to life through a script, enriching the plot by dividing the collection into acts and scenes. An intense but singular narrative pulses through the collection, even though different precious raw materials and different noses are used for each fragrance. The perfumers chosen to work on Masque Fragranze are the rising stars of international perfumery. Each perfumer lends the composition its own signature, expanding the olfactory portfolio of the brand.

Kintsugi, Act II Scene IV, is inspired by an ancient Japanese technique named for the Kin (gold) and Tsugi (unite) – the unity of gold. This technique is used to repair broken ceramics with a special urushi varnish mixed with gold dust. The artisan not only restores the ceramic, but fills all the cracks with the finest of all metals to emphasize and celebrate the imperfect beauty of repaired objects. The art of Kintsugi conveys the symbolic concept of accepting harm, being proud of imperfections, and drawing lessons from it for life.


Bergamot gives the fragrance an aromatic start, and then fuses with the spicy amber to enhance the floral freshness of the magnolia, ultimately creating a fine-grained glow reminiscent of glazed porcelain.

Given nuance by the richness of the Centifolia rose and enlivened by the metallic transparency of the violet, the supple flesh of the magnolia blossom plunges into a velvety accordion of sensual suede that gives Kintsugi a captivating sensuality. The base shimmers with the complex and multifaceted aroma of raspberry leaf – fruity, herbaceous, with nuances of tea and hay – and is irresistibly warmed by the opulent eiderdown bed of benzoin and vanilla.

The “glue” used by the perfumer Vanina Muracciole, mixed with gold, is the purest and most elegant form of patchouli. A secret recipe that puts together the pieces of an old, broken classic. The patchouli coeur is obtained by a fractional distillation process that removes the camphor-like, moldy aspects of patchouli oil, and strengthens the central purity of the raw material. Here the patchouli appears in its most elegant, gentlest guise. This “thoroughbred patchouli” pervades the “Nouveau Chypre” structure of Kintsugi like the gold veins of a Kintsugi pottery, bringing it new energy and charm.

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