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Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Gentle Fluidity Silver

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Head Notes


Jasmine, Saffron

Heart Notes


Almond, Cedar

Base Notes


Woody Notes, Amber


Maison Francis Kurkdjian – GentleFluiditySilver

The same but different – GentileFluiditySilver – Powerful. Fresh. Elegant.

Once again, Francis Kurkdjian breaks the rules of perfumery. In releasing two fragrances with the same name, the same 49 ingredients, with the same six “star notes” used in varying proportions to create two “olfactory personalities”, the master perfumer is challenging our notions of gender – male and female and otherwise – and the fluidity of those concepts. The scents, although both named Gentle Fluidity, are differentiated only by the capitalization (Gentle fluidity, gentle Fluidity).

Juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander, musk, amber woods and vanilla. The same 6 principal ingredients, altered subtly in proportion so as to arrive at a startlingly different result in both perfumes. The perfumer himself explains it thus: “[CK One] was not about gender at all. It was genderless. My new scents aren’t genderless. Instead, it’s about making your own choice.” And also: “Gentle Fluidity is the name I chose for my two new creations. “Gentle” becausegentleness is one of mankind’s most beautiful virtues. “Fluidity” because today we should be free to express and live our individual personality free of gender norms, social conventions and role distribution.” – Francis Kurkdjian


Powerful. Fresh. Elegant.

Gentle fluidity Silver is powerful, fresh, and elegant. Gentle fluidity ? capital G, lowercase f ? is encased in sleek silver: an ambery, woody scent characterized by a strong top note in juniper berry and nutmeg oils, with a bright, outgoing base note of ambery woods. Aromatic and sensual at the same time; always fresh.


A sensual sillage in gentle Fluidity Gold edition, a reassuring breath of air in Gentle fluidity Silver edition.

Softness and roundness in gentle Fluidity Gold edition. Powerful vibration in Gentle fluidity Silver edition.

?Ultra-freshness in Gentle fluidity Silver edition, flowers’ naturality in gentle Fluidity Gold edition.

?Powerful and dry in Gentle fluidity Silver edition, comfortable and enveloping in gentle Fluidity Gold edition.

Floral zesty notes in gentle Fluidity Gold edition, a spicy breeze in Gentle fluidity Silver edition.

Nutmeg brings a spicy freshness in Gentle fluidity Silver edition and a vibrant contrast in gentle Fluidity Gold edition.



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