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Lubin – Evocations – Attique


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Zitrische Notes, Bergamot, Aquatic Notes

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Basil, Jasmine, Neroli (Orange Blossom)

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Cedar, Sunny Notes


Lubin – Evocations – Attique

Attique pays homage to “Attic Nights” by Aulus Gellius, a Roman judge and writer who lived in Rome at the height of the Empire. His only known work, Attic Nights, records his observations on literature, philosophy, grammar, and customs of the day – a sort of record of what people were saying and thinking at that time. Without Attic Nights, the words of many important ancient authors would never have been discovered or preserved for antiquity. The fragrance, Attique, paints the picture of a lonely scholar working in the shade of an old, gnarled fig tree in the dry scrub land beneath Mount Parnassus, near the sacred sanctuary at Delphi. The sea breeze rustles over the pages of his notebook, carrying with it all the aromatic scents of the macquis and surrounding hillsides. The divine scent of ripe figs mixes with green herbs, bitter citrus fruits, and warm, dry old wood and paper. A scent of learning, but also one of the gentle freshness of the outdoors.


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