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Le Galion – Aesthete

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Head Notes

Mandarin, Artemisia, Incense, Saffron

Heart Notes

Guaiac Wood, Beaver, Oud, Jasmine

Base Notes

Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

Aesthete was composed as a tribute to one of Le Gallion’s house perfumers, Paul Vacher, a man who created fragrances in much the same way as musicians and poets created their works of art. Working from his house in the Parisian suburbs of Neuilly. Vacher would line up his little bottles of essences, close the door to the outside world, and compose his fragrances as if they were little pieces of chamber music. A passionate lover of art and music himself, Vacher was inspired by the work of his great friend, Maurice Ravel, whose Bolero showcased a penchant for dramatic arcs of emotion, and deep, bold chords.

Hidden behind eachLe Galionfragrance is: a poet, a musician, a magician. A fragrance is more than the result of mixing flowers into a bouquet, or adding spices and woods to a selection of flowers. It requires a touch of magic, something Paul Vacher used to add when creating his masterpieces. In his mansion in the Parisian suburbs of Neuilly, with bottles lined up on the wooden shelves of his laboratory, he composed fragrances like others composed poetry or music. A fervent art lover and pianist himself, he was inspired by friends like Maurice Ravel. In a tribute to theaestheteand perfumer of the house,Le Galionhas createdAesthete, an elegant and refined fragrance of Persian leather.Aestheteopens on Italian Mandarine, essence of Davana, hyperessense incense and Saffron, continuing on a leathery heart, Guaiac wood, Castoreum, Oud and Jasmine, all supported on a base of Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Musk.


Aesthete pays tribute to Vacher’s aesthetic taste by featuring a smooth Persian leather accord wrapped up in smoke, incense, precious woods, and uplifting citrus fruits. In the topnotes, a boozy, herbal davana leaf and mandarin orange brings hints of citrus, apricot and rum, materializing in a softly fruited suede ambiance. Saffron adds a dusty, warm nuance of spice and iodine, while a heart of incense and gaiac wood begins to burn off in wisps of charred woods and smoke. An animalic base of castoreum and oud brings a soft, sour animal heat to the fragrance, which is further enhanced by indolic jasmine. Vanilla, sandalwood, and white musk soften the edges of the tougher notes and give it a comfortable, lived-in warmth and sweetness.


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