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Lalique – L’Insoumis

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Head Notes


Basil, Rum, Bergamot

Heart Notes


Sage, Lavender, Pepper

Base Notes


Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss


Lalique – L’Insoumis

L’Insoumis (the “Rebel”) does not follow trends – it creates them. Charismatic, elegant, authentic: a perfume for the adventurer of today…

L’Insoumis is a sumptuous tribute to the courage and creativity of Léique’s founding father, René Lalique, who himself didn’t bother much about convention, preferring instead to make his own rules and set his own standards. And so, L’Insoumis is a little bit like René Lalique himself: libertarian, self-confident, and resolutely unconventional.


L’Insoumis leads us away from the sweet and smoky gourmands that are so popular these days and towards the simple but forceful statement of old school fougeres. Beginning with an intensely green, sappy basil note, the fragrance further nails its colors to the mast with a fresh bergamot note, undercut with a rich, velvety rum nuance. This balancing of the boozy and the bitter brings to mind the breath of Daddy, sozzled after a night out with the boys but still dedicated to his morning grooming rituals. A dense, spicy heart of nutmeg and black pepper make a case for the straight-forwardly masculine nature of this cologne. It sits very well at the heart of traditional wet shaving and barbershop routines.

In the base, L’Insoumis continues its bold foray into masculine fougere territory with a terrific trio of bitter moss, leather, and patchouli. Harmonious, gentle, versatile … yet, almost hypnotic. A scent made for you for the rest of your days!



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