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INITIO – Oud For Greatness

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INITIO – Oud For Greatness

The concept of “sacred geometry, ” the inspiration behind Oud For Greatness, is that recurring symbols and motifs- including the sacred scent of oud- are so powerful and holy that they are imbued with these hidden connections to the world at large, transcending the material plane to align those who smell it with the vibrations of the universe. In other words, experiencing the true scent of oud is a tonic for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With Oud For Greatness, Initio taps into that hidden source of power, delivering a vibrant, sensual, richly spicy fragrance deeply imbued with oud from beginning to end. It’s a highly concentrated blend of pure, natural agarwood oil and natural oud wood, a rich accord that melds the dark, spicy, sweet, and smoky characteristics of this precious substance into an impossibly complex elixir, both energetic and contemplative, narcotic and seductive. An additional burst of savory spice comes by way of a rich blend of saffron and nutmeg, while bright lavender pushes it towards the sexy and masculine- though make no mistake, this scent is devastatingly sexy on men and women alike. While it might seem inexact to say that a fragrance offers something for everyone, we don’t know how else to describe Oud For Greatness- we suppose a perfume this in tune with the hidden patterns of the world ought to smell this downright incredible.


Oud for Greatness Fragrance Notes

Lavender, Saffron, Nutmeg, Natural Oud Wood, Natural Agarwood oil, Patchouli, Muscs

Weight 2.5 lbs

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3 reviews for INITIO – Oud For Greatness

  1. Keith E. (verified owner)

  2. Dave D. (verified owner)

    I was skeptical after smelling some of the clones of this but pulled the trigger because of the great price. It is absolutely stunning. This is a top 3 fragrance for me and will always be in my collection.

  3. José Luis Camarillo (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio… justo lo que quería y a buen precio!!!

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