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Houbigant – Fougére Royale Deluxe Edition – Parfum


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Head Notes


Bergamot, Herbs, Lavender, Chamomile

Heart Notes


Geranium, Rose, May, Cinnamon, Clove

Base Notes


Amber, Oak Moss, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Sage


Houbigant – Fougère Royale Deluxe Edition – Parfum

First introduced in 1882, Fougère Royale completely revolutionized the world of perfumes and established modern perfumery as it exists today. Fougère Royale was the first “fougère” (or fern­like) perfume ever created, establishing a completely new fragrance family which still remains today the most popular family in men’s fragrances: Brut by Fabergé, Paco Rabanne, Azzarro, Boss by Hugo Boss and Prada by Prada for Men belong to this family. But even more important Houbigant was also the first perfume house to discover how to isolate particular molecules from natural raw materials and more specifically the coumarin, which is isolated from the tonka bean.

Today and in character with our past, the House of Houbigant has revived this outstanding classic in an elegant and contemporary style.

To ensure that the original formula of Fougère Royale was preserved, Houbigant have collaborated with Roja Dove, the world sole “Professeur de Parfums”.

The perfume – deluxe edition

To celebrate the rebirth of this inimitable fragrance, Houbigant have decided to sublime the formula into a Perfume version.

To make Fougère Royale Perfume, they have used exclusively the finest quality of raw materials that exist.

The Fougère Royale perfume edition is showcased into a hard-wood lacquered box on which the logo Fougère Royale has been carved.

The fragrance

Fougère Royale opens with an uplifting cocktail of sparkling citrus oils that blends into an aromatic bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, where lavender and Moroccan chamomile oil dictate the tempo.

A redolent heart follows, where the floral-spicy “Rondeletia” accord is revealed through rich geranium nuances and warm spices. A floral intermezzo showcases rare rose essences and absolutes, spiked by pepper, cinnamon and carnation.

Finally, a grand finale of earthy, ambery and woody harmonies, where moss notes join a sensual patchouli theme enriched by warm coumarinic undertones of tonka beans and clary sage absolute.

The design

All the details present on the original design have been incorporated but the over all look has been revisited to make it more masculine and modern:


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