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1907 – Beneath the Surface – Genevieve


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Head Notes

Bergamot, Aldehydes, Carnation

Heart Notes

Iris, Rose, Ylang – Ylang, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley

Base Notes

Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk


1907 – Beneath the Surface – Genevieve

“Who is Geneviève? Unbroken by milieu and circumstances, a self-confident and balanced woman. She lives the life according to her own conceptions. Decisive and elegant; strong. She knows that the right decision is always that decision which moves her closer to her aim.” A note from the brand.

The Fragrance

Geneviève forms part of 1907’s Beneath the Surface Collection. It is a classic aldehydic floral that draws on the potent floral chypres of the 1980’s like Ysatis, but interpreted in a thoroughly modern, streamlined manner that allows a young woman of today to wear it with pleasure and without a scrap of self-consciousness. The radiant bergamot over a shower of champagne aldehydes feels grand, and yet also self-confident; knowing. An opulent heart of buttery Grasse roses, ylang, iris, and jasmine reveals itself in time, with that classic ?cold cream’ voluptuousness so characteristic of classic French perfume. But any trace of heaviness or abstraction is lifted by a fresh, green lily of the valley note and the sneaky, spicy heat of a powdered carnation. The seductive tonka bean and sandalwood base feels especially modern – a creamy, almost edible riposte to the classic floral heart and the bright, citrusy aldehydes of the topnotes. In parts, the perfume feels properly animalic, with civety musks and sour, leathery sambac notes crowding in to give the scent the naughty verve of something like Ubar Woman or Joy. If you mourn for the dearth of perfumes that truly dare to be feminine, classic, and yet strongly animalic in a day and age where everything seems to be attenuated and dumbed down, then please welcome Geneviève: she’s a beauty.

1907 Beneath the Surface Collection

1907’s Beneath the Surface Collection is dedicated to fragrances that allow us to penetrate the surface of our personalities and go deep into the emotions that lie beneath, thus uncovering flashes of pure, raw feeling. “Emotions, perceptions, images, negativity, positivity – everything what is put down inside us in layers. Layer by layer, piece by piece, in different colours and hues. These layers are what shape us, create us and our soul. There is nothing so deep inside us as everything that we have put there by ourselves.” A note from the brand. The two scents ‘Mon Âme ‘ and ‘ Geneviève’ come in beautiful, delicate glass flacons of 50ml, each hand-blown by local artisans in 1907’s native Slovakia. No big perfumer names or labels here – just beautifully made fragrance composed in a classical manner, and presented with timeless style and elegance. The embossed logo is a fleur de lis rendered in pure decorative gold filigree.



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