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Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle – Angeliques sous la pluie



Head Notes

Bergamot, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Violet, Fig, Carrot

Heart Notes

Iris, Violet, Rose, May, Jasmine, Sambac

Base Notes

Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver, Amber Rating

Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle – Angeliques sous la pluie

Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena

Jean-Claude Ellena is a perfume composer. Born in Grasse, France, to a family of perfumers, he was initiated into the practice at the age of 17. From Grasse to Paris, passing by way of New York and Genova, from the Chiris establishments to the company Créations Aromatiques, he has gone the way of the self-taught. Perfume is his life, through it he approached painting, literature and music as well. For Jean-Claude Ellena, “perfume is a history of smells, a sort of poetry, a work on memory, and above all a creation of the mind”. His source of inspiration: “Everyday life, the smell of wax floors, clean sheets, skin, an old sweater, toasting bread, tea, chocolate, strawberry yogurts, spices, rice pudding, flowers, fruit, crayons, white glue, bubble gum, the bakery, the florist, the subway, or the emotion felt smelling a bouquet of Angelicas in the rain”.


For his first work published under his own name, Jean-Claude Ellena has chosen as his theme a bouquet of Angelicas after the rain. Between inspiration and reflection he has long kept the memory of this fragrance, until the moment seemed opportune to him for composing this fresh toilet water, light, smooth, fragile and falsely shy.


Angelica, Juniper, Coriander,Pink Pepper, Cedar, Musk

Weight 2.5 lbs


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