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Creed – Bois du Portugal



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Creed – Bois du Portugal

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Bergamot, Lavender

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Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber Rating


Creed – Bois du Portugal

A triumphal olfactory experience appreciated by the extravagant Napoleon I. The Royal perfumer Chardin noted in 1806 that his sovereignty used 162 bottles in the first three months since he covered himself twice daily from head to foot with the exquisite scent. 1806 was a time of enlightenment, a spreading of revolutionary cultural and intellectual movements, a time in which Bois du Portugal was born. The reason was the central aspect of enlightenment. One was convinced of the ability of mankind to perfect itself. Every individual was autonomous and free in his decision. The logical consequence of this intellectual movement was the explosion in secular thought. Man, more than God, was now located at the center of these views. The philosopher Immanuel Kant summarized this conviction in “the Sapere Aude” – “Dare to use your own reason.” “Sapere Aude” finds expression in the strength of character of Bois du Portugal. A veraciously triumphant fragrance for the self-assured connoisseur.

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