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Clean – Reserve – smoked vetiver

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Head Notes


Verbena, Bamboo, Bergamot, Fruity Notes

Heart Notes


Woody Notes, Peony, Moss

Base Notes


Amber, Musk, Vetiver, Woody Notes, Myrrh


Clean – Reserve – smoked vetiver

Smoked Vetiver features clean citrus and milky green leaf notes over a smoky vetiver oil from Haiti, harvested using sustainable farming methods and distilled in copper pots. There are some soft floral notes here too, such as peony and cotton flower, and they soften the dramatic rootiness and green freshness of the vetiver oil.

Who can wear this fragrance?

Smoked Vetiver is for those who appreciate smoky, aromatic scents that remind them of the forest and open spaces.


Things that we put aside for a specific purpose, we call “reserve”. Perfumers work to develop fragrances with a broad range of raw materials. However, sometimes special ingredients are set aside, or reserved, for use in special or exclusive fragrance compositions. Clean’s Reserve line pays tribute to some of these special reserve raw materials, and was created in partnership with three of the most prestigious houses for flavors and perfume compounds. Furthermore, our partners were selected with a keen eye for their commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Because CLEAN RESERVE is more than a fragrance concept. These are the values that guide our actions as a company. Unconditionally pure in intent and world citizenship.

The three pillars of the concept RESERVE are as follows:

? Sustainable ingredients

We only use ingredients produced using ecologically sustainable production methods and adhere to internationally-accepted standards of ecological sustainability. Some of these raw materials are ECOCERT-certified. The alcohol we use is obtained from corn and is therefore pure and of particularly high quality.

? Social responsibility

CLEAN RESERVE will embrace its social responsibility in the form of innovative programs that allow local producers or locally-supported initiatives to cultivate and harvest ingredients using sustainable, organic methods. This cooperation allows our agricultural partners to sustain their traditional way of living and boost their economic livelihood.

? Environmental awareness

All bottles and packaging are made from sustainable materials and are environmentally friendly. They can either be reused or recycled so as to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum. Our production facilities are 100% powered by solar energy. The oak of the cap comes from sustainably-managed forests in Spain, the cellophane packaging is made of natural, biodegradable materials such as corn which can be composted after use. The case made of handmade cardboard. It can be used to store incense or as protective casing for something.. The bottle itself is made of 100% glass and is recyclable.


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