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Clean – Rain

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Head Notes

Melon, Daffodil, Mint

Heart Notes

Flowers, Lily, Violet

Base Notes

Musk, Woody Notes

Clean – Rain

There is nothing better on a hot muggy summer’s day than a brief but vigorous rain shower to clear the air. The loud and frantic patter of raindrops gradually recedes, creating a lull, a moment of precious calm and inner peace. You are standing under the canopy of a tree or a porch, waiting for the rain to stop and the sky to clear. But right now, all you feel is pure, utter peace.

Rain captures that magical moment when the rain suddenly stops and you watch the bright droplets of rain gather like heavy dew pearls on the leaves and grass and flowers all around you. This is a perfume based on dewy, crystalline notes such as daffodil, melon, water lily, daisy, and musk, and the petrichor scent of raindrops hitting mother earth herself.

This fragrance can be combined withClean – Shower Fresh

Clean – Shower Fresh and Rain

A fragrance as fresh and relaxing as taking an outdoors shower in a meadow full of dewy wildflowers. Sparkling lily and other creamy florals will make you sigh with pleasure and invite you to dream. This combination is a gorgeous mix of rain-soaked flowers and the solar touch of early morning sun rays.

This fragrance can be combined with Clean -Fresh Laundry

Clean – Shower Fresh and Fresh Laundry

These two fragrances, when combined, will make you think of the coziness of watching the rain outside from the comfort of a warm, fire-lit sitting room, where you are sitting with a good book, a cup of steaming tea, and wrapped up in a freshly-laundered duvet. The dewy “rain” notes harmonize perfectly with the warm aromas of fire wood, warm cotton, and freshly laundered blankets to create an aura of relaxed well-being.

This fragrance can be combined with Clean – Skin

Clean – Rain and Skin

Skin and Rain together create an explosively exciting combination where the juicy, fresh fruit notes of one react with the warm, cottony floral notes of the other. This results in a warm floral breeze of a scent that comes to rest in the plush down comforter of white musk. Unusual and winning, this is a combination that must be tried – it is a delight.

This fragrance can be combined with Clean – Warm Cotton

Clean – Shower Fresh and Warm Cotton

The combination of warm, plush cottony notes in Warm Cotton with the dewy crispness of the aquatic notes in Rain is simply beautiful. Rain adds radiant fruit and musk, while Warm Cotton unfolds a plush white musk blanket that covers everything in deep comfort. A fragrance full of heavenly freshness and innocent sensuality.


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