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Christian Dior – Spice Blend

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Christian Dior – Spice Blend


The mere mention of the name Spice Blend is enough to open the horizon of an olfactory journey of a spicy fragrance that unites contrasts.

“While I don’t recall the scent of the famous Bay Rhum aftershave, I do remember a bottle in my father’s medicine cabinet piquing my curiosity. Spice Blend is the olfactory translation of an exotic image that emerges from my childhood. The warm signature of this fragrance is highlighted by a surprising multitude of intertwining spices in dialogue. Like a gust of wind, Spice Blend leaves us wondering if it fans the fire or cools it down.”

Sensual. Spice Blend is a fragrance with a surprising concentration of spices from around the world. It is a spicy journey: the tangy vivacity of Black Pepper notes from Madagascar lives with the incisive beauty of accord of Ginger extract and other spices full of character, such as accord of St. Thomas Bay Leaf that imbues the fragrance with a beautiful woody strength.

Its warm and powerful olfactory signature is both fresh and burning hot. Spice Blend is a strong sensation, a fragrance with an intensity that sets the senses ablaze.

The vivid ochre of notes of Cinnamon, the bright red of Pink Pepper accords. Spice Blend embraces the warm and ambery hues of its olfactory notes.

Spice Blend is a scent with a strong character, a fragrance that is not afraid to combine the most potent and the freshest notes of spices. Each note finds its rightful place in the deep, traveling aromas of this olfactory composition.

The fragrance immediately captivates, alternating between sensations of freshness and warmth.



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