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Byredo Parfums – Unnamed


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Byredo Parfums – Unnamed

In the beginning, there was thought, and the thought manifested itself as a word.

Every single scent released by the Swedish perfume brand Byredo comes with a back story. Knowing the story makes the fragrance a deeper and more meaningful experience for the wearer. So the story and the scent become intertwined until one doesn’t know where the story ends and the scent begins. But take away the name, and what do you have? Without this crucial clue, the perfume encapsulates a vision, a feeling, an emotion that is yours, and yours alone – the ultimate in individual expression. Think about it – the name of the fragrance, while giving you important clues as to its nature also tends to crush any individual understanding you have of the scent itself. If you know its name, then it is impossible to remain objective about how the fragrance smells. If you don’t smell cedar but cedar is in the name, do you then convince yourself that you do, in fact, smell cedar? This new fragrance by Byredo seeks to free you of the shackles that a descriptive name imposes. It is a fragrance that dares you to come up with your own vision of what this perfume is, untrammeled by notes lists or brochure copy written by perfumers to supply context.

No name – only a blank white box! It is a blank sheet of paper on which to write down your own thoughts, emotions, any feeling that will give shape to a name. Smell the scent, live in it for a while, think about it – maybe you’ll take out your pen and fill up the blank spaces on that white box with words that fill your mind. Maybe you’ll even come up with your own name for it. Tell us – we’d love to know. In this life, is it not good to have corners that are unknown, even to ourselves – some little mysteries that keep us alive with the guessing?

What It Smells Like

We can only tell you what it smells like to our noses – your experience may be entirely different. And who’s to say who’s wrong and who’s right? At first sniff, there is a cooling sensation on the skin, something bright and peppery. Could this be a dash of pink pepper, or is it a sparkling bergamot that provides that spicy yet fruity topnote? Further on, we sense the aromatic greenness of gin on the rocks, so we suspect juniper, that most sprightly and chilly of spices. To summarize; a sensation of citric, aromatic freshness followed by the gloom of a Northern forest, punctuated by the silvery gleam of iris roots and the grey-green dryness of moss covering the cool rocks. We may be mistaken, but we also pick up on a tiny purple, sweet floralcy in the heart of this chilly forest – violets, perhaps, or maybe even peonies. There is most definitely some pine here too, or some other rugged wood accord that radiates the manly, turpenic smell of freshly-cut logs. Intense, invigorating stuff! We cannot say for sure that our noses are correct in this. But join us in guessing!


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