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Byredo Parfums – Toile – Textilparfum


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  • 75ml
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Byredo Parfums – Toile – Textilparfum


Head Notes


Bergamot, Aldehydes

Heart Notes



Base Notes


Amber, Cotton


Byredo Parfums – Toile – Textile Perfume

Outside, large, still-damp sheets languidly hang to dry on a clothesline. A microscopic vapor escapes from the fabric, releasing the clean scent of sun-warmed cotton. Its fragrance permeates the air with a soft, sweetness. You run your hands over the laundry as it slowly stiffens on the line. Freshness holds an everlasting promise of renewal. A blank page that both comforts and boosts the spirits.

A polymorphous fragrance meant to be sprayed on the fabrics that surround us Toile is a fresh yet illusiveperfume. It hints at the metallic tingle of a freshly starched shirt collar and the abstraction perfumers use to hush overly dramatic flowers. The caress of cotton jersey on the skin, the scent of pressed linen folded in an antique wardrobe. A singularly chic statement it blends effortlessly with other trails of scent that occupy space.

Toile, the textile fragrance and a new perfuming experience.

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