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Byredo Parfums – Super Cedar


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Musk, Vetiver

Byredo Parfums – Super Cedar

Super: From the Latin meaning to rise up and onwards, the word is used to describe a superior quality of a person or position in a hierarchy. Furthermore, it describes someone or something that is exceptional, outstanding, or noteworthy. Cedar: Derived from the Latin “Cedrus” meaning cedar tree, it is native to the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and is a large evergreen tree with horizontally-spreading branches. The subtle scent of cedar is a sort of bridge to our youth. It reminds us of hours spent idling at a school desk, our noses held up to a freshly sharpened pencil, breathing in its sharp but warm turpentine scent – even now, just one sniff of it is enough to send a rush of nostalgia to the head. Cedar also gives cool contemporary design furniture a pleasant warmth and a feeling of comfort. A perfumer uses cedar if he wants to impart a certain vigorous energy and verticality to a fragrance composition.

Top notes: A sea of roses parts its petals to allow the sun rays to penetrate its murk and bathe the vast horizon in deep golden and warm orange tones.

In the heart: A warm gust of air wafts in from a steep Mediterranean coastline, bringing with it the aromatized scent of the maquis and of cliff top herbs and grasses.

Base notes: A spicy-woody vetiver root merges with a warm-powdery musk for the ultimate in sensual compositions.



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