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Byredo Parfums – Lil Fleur

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Byredo Parfums – Lil Fleur


Never has the abundance of possibilities been so great, the angle of vision so wide and never again will the world extend to the horizon in all its incomparable opulence… In retrospect, it is no longer possible to determine exactly when the time came – the morning when the view of the world changed with a blink of an eye. To the opportunities that presented themselves. There are adventures and imponderables to be overcome in order to find oneself…or at least to try. Climbing emotional heights and plumbing depths. To be alone. Standing in pairs against the rest of the world. Who am I and who are you? What are we together? Dancing with friends and strangers. Why? Because it is possible! The great love and laughter, a merry-go-round of swinging sensations. Lil Fleur takes this abundance and transforms it into olfactory energy. Follow its debauchery, right in the now, carried by musical sounds. Whether through uncertain lands or to the top of Machu Picchu, everything seems possible! Fruity, flowery, colourful and promising, cassis and tangerine open the gates to Byredos fragrance wonderland Lil Fleur. A warm hint of saffron wafts around them, which seems to invite with outstretched arms: “Come in!” Softly, the first notes of a melody can be sensed in the background. How tingling, light and carefree life can be! Following the path, accompanied by the swelling of the sounds, the Damascene Rose unfolds its bouquet – beguiling and irresistible. Seductively it lies over the scenery and intensifies, artfully underlined by a subtle, fine-tangy leather note, the lucky, sparkling impression of Lil Fleur.These impressions are enveloped by a balsamic-sweet base of amber and vanilla. Warm and light, they exude a sense of security accompanied by light woods. The result is a soft, elegant character that rounds off Lil Fleur in well-proportioned and emotionally complex ways. Emotional and energetic – a symbol of youth!

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