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Bortnikoff – Coup de Foudre


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Head Notes

Bergamot, Lemon, Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit, Green Tea, Black Pepper

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Rose de Mai, Lily-of-the-valley, Champaca, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose

Base Notes

Cinnamon, Turmeric, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Benzoin, Labdanum, Tolu Balsam, Pine, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood with Pink Lotus infusion, Oud from Trat

The French phrase “coup de foudre” refers to a sudden or unexpected event, in particular an instance of love at first sight. Coup de Foudre is a sensuous and seductive creation which fuses invigorating citrus with sumptuous sweetness in a perfect marriage of complimentary accords.

Opening with invigorating bergamot, lemon, sweet orange and white grapefruit, the citrus brightness is balanced with herbal green tea and spicy black pepper. In the heart of the fragrance a rich and romantic bouquet of florals make their entrance. Jasmine, rose de mai, lily-of-the valley, champaca, ylang-ylang and tuberose provide a complex, delicate and charming mid to the scent. In the base, cinnamon and turmeric add further spice. Oud from Trat lends its potent and mystical quality to the foundation of the composition alongside precious woods and resins. Vanilla and benzoin give exquisite sweetness and further exoticism to this rich and magically alluring perfume.

The selection of rare and unique ingredients and the artistry of perfumer Dmitry Bortnikoff mean that this creation is difficult to classify but easy to luxuriate in. Repeated experience rewards the wearer with many surprises, contrasts and subtleties. However, the obvious beauty and seductiveness of this Eau de Parfum are apparent from the first spray and will surely mesmerise and enchant the wearer and those around them. It can be worn by anyone who loves to experience the full range of emotions and experience life to the full.

If you believe in love at first sight, open your senses to the olfactory adventure of Coup de Foudre!



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